Ex-Bears GM Rips Jay Cutler, Questions His Intelligence


Jerry Angelo is not a happy guy right now, and most of his ire seems directed at his former quarterback, Jay Cutler.

Angelo of course was the architect of the 2009 trade that sent Kyle Orton and two first-round draft picks to Denver for Jay Cutler.  Some five years later, Angelo is out of a job, and Cutler just got a huge extension.

In a write-up on TheSidelineView.com, Angelo absolutely ripped Cutler to shred, breaking down all his deficiencies and even questioning his intelligence.

“Has all the physical tools, but inconsistent in the clutch,” Angelo wrote. “Mostly due to a lack of poise. He’s not comfortable reading defenses and consequently locks onto a favorite or pre-determined target, that may or may not be the right choice. The less he’s asked to see the better he is. A better half-field general, than a full-field one.”

Angelo didn’t bury Cutler, and he couldn’t because he traded for Cutler as well as Craig Krenzel, Chad Hutchinson, Jonathan Quinn and Rex Grossman before him.