Ex-Mizzou QB James Franklin Says He Doesn’t Support Homosexuality


Always remember that if you want people to respect your opinion, you should respect their opinions. As long as that opinion isn’t vulgar or filled with slurs, it is just an opinion.

I have no issues with what James Franklin had to say to TMZ Sportseven if I disagree with him.

“I don’t drink. I don’t curse. I don’t support [homosexuality] — but it doesn’t mean I don’t accept Michael,” Franklin says.

When asked if he was supportive of Sam when he made his announcement in August, Franklin said … “I wouldn’t say supportive, but accepting. A lot of people confuse supporting and accepting.”

There are some semantics there, but what he is saying is he doesn’t agree with it, but he accepted it for the betterment of the team.  Franklin goes on to say he never felt uncomfortable around Sam and that he will be there for him no matter what.

I think the same will be for some NFL players. They won’t support it, but if Sam can help the team they will accept it.

2 thoughts on “Ex-Mizzou QB James Franklin Says He Doesn’t Support Homosexuality

  • Ummmm WHERE IS THE Semantics (YOU Speak of Though…)

    There is a DIFFERENCE Between “Supporting” and “Accepting” SMDH

  • I respect James Franklin for speaking what most feel. I dont agree with homosexuality either however I have a lesbian niece who is my world and I love very much and I accept her lifestyle however I do not support it. She is too beautiful.

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