Floyd Mayweather Courtside With Marcus Vick’s Girlfriend (Photos)


You have heard the expression…

“Big Bank take Little Bank”

Sometimes that applies to women as well. I am sure this all could have been quite innocent, but the woman in the bun is Delicia Cordon.

She happens to be Marcus Vick’s baby mama/girlfriend. She started a fashion design business with help from Marcus back in the day.

Now why she is went Mayweather courtside during Celtics vs. Lakers, I will leave that up for you to decide, but Miss Jackson, Floyd’s on-again, off-again fiance wasn’t that happy about it.

One day Floyd will decide who he wants to fight and we will have something else to talk about.

H/T Necole Bitchie 

3 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Courtside With Marcus Vick’s Girlfriend (Photos)

  • There are two things that all women are attracted to; money and power! When a woman says she likes communication, sensitivity or romance, she is lying. Money and power is what all women want in a man but very few women can get and even fewer can keep.

    • ^This. The only women who settle for a guy with no money, power or looks are women who have to settle.

  • Wasn’t she sleeping with Dwayne Wade a few weeks ago. She a side chick, porn star/stripper.

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