Gasol Rips D’Antoni’s Coaching & Says Lakers Are Selfish

Nick Young Pau Gasol

Pau didn’t pull any punches after the Lakers lost to the Pacers.

Basically, he ripped everyone.

Gasol indirectly challenged coach Mike D’Antoni to take control of his team that the 33-year old believes is being sabotaged by selfish play.

“That’s why you have to be disciplined and implement discipline, that’s how you kind of make that better or make that not a factor,” Gasol said when asked about the Lakers’ collection of players, himself included, on expiring deals.”I don’t think there’s a lot of discipline right now.”

When asked to detail what type of discipline he was seeking, Gasol brought up another issue, pointing to D’Antoni’s decision to play a small-ball lineup against the plus-sized Pacers.

“The type that will allow us to compete a little better,” said Gasol after Indiana outrebounded L.A. 62-42. “I think when you have a lineup like Zach [Randolph] and Marc [Gasol] tomorrow (the Lakers finish off their two-game road back-to-back Wednesday against the Memphis Grizzlies), you have to match up accordingly a little bit, I think. That’s just me.”

“If we want to continue to play small, we have to play to that advantage and utilize more quickness,” Gasol said. “But if we get outrebounded by 20 rebounds, I don’t care who you are and what you do, it’s not going to work. You’re not going to win.”

When asked specifically about the possibility of the 215-pound Wesley Johnson starting in the front court and matching up with the 260-pound Randolph, Gasol quipped, “Good luck, right?”

“There’s just too many individual actions right now,” Gasol said. “It’s really not a good flow and rhythm out there. 

 And we got to be unselfish. If we see a teammate open, we have to make sure that guy gets the ball. Otherwise, it’s really deflating. It takes a lot of energy away from individuals.”

Tell us how you really feel Pau.