George Zimmerman vs. DMX Boxing Match Canceled

zimmerman DMX

The negative publicity and bad press finally wore down promoter Damon Feldman.

After being hit with a wave of very upset of people, he has decided to cancel the fight.

I highly doubted the fight would ever happen, simply because it seemed disorganized from the start. It was one of those ideas that probably sounded good in Feldman’s head, but in reality wasn’t the best of ideas. I don’t think he was ready for the death threats and the attention that was being heaped on him, so he bowed out.  The other thought is he never planned a fight, did it for free publicly and now gets to look like the hero by canceling.  If that is what happened he is a brilliant business man because it is working.

Also, DMX didn’t really look like he was in any condition to fight, just look at his Tee.


One thought on “George Zimmerman vs. DMX Boxing Match Canceled

  • , 2/12/2014 – Writer/promoter Mugsy Russo is fuming after promoter Damon Feldmans press conference. Damon and Mugsy had made a last minute deal that would keep the fight alive and ease some of the controversy. That was what was suppose to be revealed at the press conference. Apparently Damon got cold feet. Mugsy Russo says he didnt need feldman or his venue and that the fight is still on. He also added that he wouldnt back down to death threats or intimidation tactics. “The George Zimmerman Fight will happen. Mark my words. And Alki David will have nothing to do with it.”!projects/cwzt

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