Georges St-Pierre Says He Left UFC Because He Has OCD


Georges St-Pierre took a brutal beating in his final bout before taking a leave of absence from the UFC.

Several scenarios were blamed for Pierre’s demise, including an unplanned pregnancy.  Pierre is now trying to put those rumors to bed, and during  an interview with Wendy Mesley of CBC News, the former pound-for-pound king of the UFC admitted that he suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD.

As a competitor, as a fighter, it’s a good thing to have it because it makes you better, because you completely obsess about being a better martial artist. Every day, everything you do is oriented toward a goal. This same obsession I had about my work, my job, to make me better, it was going to drive me crazy. That’s why I took that break.

GSP has always been lauded for his perfectionism and his want to have everything precise and down to the tee. With his UFC obligations put on hold, St-Pierre told Mesley he feels refreshed and rejuvenated—better than he has felt in years.

I feel very good. I had my first New Year’s and Christmas with my family—I mean a real one. I can spend as much time (with them) as I want. I don’t have to go away because I have a fight coming up or training, because when I was competing, I was completely obsessed about it.