Hockey Ref Slams 12-Year-old Onto ice During Game in Canada (Video)



Yea so this hockey referee may be in a lot of trouble although, the case can be made that may have just lost his balance.

According to a story via Metro News, a game on Sunday between peewee hockey teams  Brokenhead Ojibway First Nation and the Sagkeeng First Nation, got a little crazy when one referee slammed a player onto the ice while attempting to stop a fight.

Kainen Bell, a 12-year-old, suffered a broken wrist and other injuries during the melee and Sagkeeng coach Stepahnie Tardiff wasn’t too happy about it.

“I don’t think it’s right.”

“He should have easily been able to separate the two of them,” Tardiff said. “Instead of separating them properly, he grabbed my player with both hands and threw him on the ice.

“That ref should have never put two hands on one player. He should have put one hand on one player, one hand on the other player and separated them properly.”

Here’s video of the incident with some colorful commentary by parents in the crowd:

The police are said to be investigating the incident.