Homeless 49ers Fan In Seattle Gets Support From Both Fan Bases

49ers Fans At Seahawks Parade

The 49ers and Seahawks are the NFL’s hottest new rivalry. And with this year’s memorable NFC championship game and one of them the newly crowned Super Bowl champs, things just got hotter.

But just because these teams and their fans don’t like each other that much, doesn’t mean they can’t come together to do something good for someone in need.

Last week a photo of a fan decked out in 49ers gear at the Seahawks Super Bowl parade circulated the media. Upon further investigation it was reported that the 15 year old is a warden of the state and lives in homeless shelters.

The story inspired a San Francisco fan named Catherin Tate, to start of fund in order to bring the boy to a game in the 49ers new stadium. But once she found out the teenager’s circumstances she decided to use the monies from the fund not only to send him to San Fran, but also to college.

This story has inspired fans from both NFC West rivals to donate to the Go Fund Me set up by Catherine for the teenager which has raised over $26K and even got a shout out on twitter by 49ers safety Craig Dahl.


What a wonderful story that started out with Seahawks fans booing at a young boy, to people from both sides coming together to help someone in need.

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  • The writer of this story doesn’t even know that the SeaHawks and 49ers play in the NFC not the AFC. LMAO

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