Is Mayweather Delaying To Keep Maidana From Training For Broner?


Floyd Mayweather is one of the smartest boxers in and out of the ring. It’s the reason why he’s created a persona of the most hated athlete in the world and it’s the reason why he has the largest boxing contract in history. So why wouldn’t he use his current situation to help his protege Adrien Broner?

Floyd was expected to announce his opponent for his May 3rd fight during Super Bowl weekend and then talks sprang up that it’d be All-Star weekend; now it’s said that it’ll come in a weeks time. This is after a supposed twitter fan vote to select the opponent. Floyd knows that both of these fighters aren’t a true threat to him inside of the ring and if he focuses on his skills during training he will easily win.

Why not then drag this announcement out to benefit Broner in a rematch with Maidana? Maidana is obligated to give Broner a rematch if this Floyd fight falls through and the expected date of that rematch is a week before Floyd’s fight.

I’m not saying that this will drastically change the result of a fight between Maidana and Broner, Adrien’s dedication and training will determine that, but it’s an advantage none the less.

Floyd has nothing to lose by stalling but he does at heart have a need to take care of those closest to him. If anyone know the ‘True Floyd’ then they know that his number one priority is the well-being of his close friends and family. Over half of his TMT employees are related to him or life-long family friends and if he considers Broner to be in that select group now then he’ll do whatever he can to see him succeed.