Jadeveon Clowney Does 21-Reps Of 225 At Combine (Video)


Jadeveon Clowney did his bench press portion of the combine on Sunday, and the numbers were solid but not spectacular.

Clowney did 21 reps of 225.

Clowney has spent the weekend talking about his goals of being the greatest of all-time, so his bench press performance could be describe as underwelming by some.

Buffalo Bills star Mario Williams did 35 reps on the bench at the combine, and he is the name most used in comparison with Clowney this weekend.


One thought on “Jadeveon Clowney Does 21-Reps Of 225 At Combine (Video)

  • Benching 225 lbs. 21 times is average for a defensive end. I would not draft this guy.

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