Jameis Winston Accuser Hires Two Lawyers For Civil Suit

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Erica Kinsman, the woman who accused Jameis Winston of rape, has hired two high powered attorneys to represent her in a civil suit. According to a Fox Sports report they will join her original lawyer Patricia Carroll:

Carroll will work with attorneys John Clune and Baine Kerr of Colorado, who have worked on several federal lawsuits in sexual assault cases involving high-profile athletes. According to the report, they are expected to examine the conduct of Florida State officials as well as the potential for a federal lawsuit under Title IX, the gender-equity law that can be invoked in sexual assault cases involving students.

“I am confident that anyone who has liability in this case will be held accountable and justice will be served for my client at the end of the day,” Carroll said.

It looks like this case is just getting started. Kinsman’s legal team is gathering all the necessary information and will officially decide if they will pursue the civil suit. It should be noted that Clune¬†represented the woman who said she was raped by Kobe Bryant.

One thought on “Jameis Winston Accuser Hires Two Lawyers For Civil Suit

  • The Florida State justice system protected Jameis Winston because they had to protect their financial interest. You best believe they won’t protect him in the civil trial. Jameis Winston will have to pay this woman alot of money in the near future. Crime is a business and Jameis Winston is more valuable on the football field than in prison.

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