Jason Collins Has Best Selling NBA Jersey

Jason Collins Jersey

Subpar NBA journeyman Jason Collins is one game into his 10-game contract with the Brooklyn Nets and he already has the league’s best selling jersey.

Immediately after Collins’ first game with the Nets, the NBA made No. 98 “COLLINS” jerseys available both at their official store in New York and on NBA.com, and a league spokesman confirmed to For The Win that Collins’ jersey was the bestselling jersey on Tuesday in terms of both physical and online sales.

This is not surprising given the fact that Collins is the first openly gay player to play in any of the four major sports leagues and one of the reasons I considered his announcement, although courageous, a smart business move.

2 thoughts on “Jason Collins Has Best Selling NBA Jersey

  • I bet Jason Collins’ contract will be extended!

  • This is the biggest JOKE in Sports history! This guy put a young lady health at risk for 7 yrs and no one has called him out for it. Is the NBA going to sell the jersey of every other player that gets a 10 day contract? This guy isn’t some hero!!

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