Jerry Jones Says Cowboys May Have to Cut DeMarcus Ware


Stephen Jones just said the Cowboys didn’t have salary cap issues, now Jerry Jones says DeMarcus Ware might have to be cut because of guess what?

The salary cap…..

Here is what Jones had to say about the possibility of the Cowboys cutting Ware courtesy of Pro Football Zone.

“There’s no question when you are where we are on the cap, even though we’ve had some new cap space added, and you have a defensive player that’s your highest paid defensive player, and he hasn’t been on the field much the last two years, that has to be considered.”

“He’s had a tough time getting on the practice field because of various injuries,” Jones said. “All of that we have to weigh with how much of that has impacted him for the future as well as where he is in his career and with his age.

“Those are the ingredients in the stew. Now we’ve got to stir it up and see where we’re going. It will be a very difficult call for us because of how much salary cap he uses.”

One thought on “Jerry Jones Says Cowboys May Have to Cut DeMarcus Ware

  • Cowboys may cut DeMarcus Ware but signed a below average quarterback to $108 million dollar contract? The Cowboys are just as unorganized as the Los Angeles Lackers!

    P.S. Jerry Jones doesn’t know sh*t about football!

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