Jerry Jones: Tony Romo Will Get More Power Over Offense


Jerry Jones has either had enough of Jason Garrett at this point, or it simply doesn’t matter to him anymore whether Garrett is the coach or not.

Jones held court on his massive tour bus on Sunday at the NFL Combine and discussed a Myriad of different topics, including Tony Romo.

Among other things, Jones told the Star-Telegram that Tony Romo will have even more power when it comes to what goes on with the offense.

 “(Tony) Romo will have more power under Linehan,” Jones said via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Romo was ecstatic about Linehan … They will be joined at the hip.”

More power for Romo and Linehan means less power for Garrett. Linehan will truly run the show on offense with Garrett having far less say.

Seems like Jason Garrett is being totally phased out of the offense altogether.