Jerry West: This is a Poor NBA Draft Class

Jerry West

Coming into the season in college basketball, this freshman class was perhaps the most hyped one in recent memories. From claims of Andrew Wiggins being the next LeBron to there being 5-6 franchise caliber players, the hype for this draft was ridiculous. Well here we are 3 quarters of the way through the season, and Wiggins isn’t LeBron and 6 franchise players is a reach. There are some definite good players, but I think it’s safe to say this freshman class was over-hyped.

It appears NBA legend Jerry West sides with me on this topic. He was on ESPN radio with  Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Rusillo and shared his thoughts on the 2014 NBA Draft.

“Just look at the league, this is the weakest I’ve ever seen this league. We are depending on people who go to school for a year to come in and change the sports as a franchise, rarely does that ever happen. And everyone is talking about a great draft class this year, I think it’s just the opposite, I think it’s a poor one myself. These franchises have really struggled at one time you can get a branded name, these kids are not branded.”

Poor might be a stretch but I most certainly don’t think this class will compare to the 2003 NBA class. We’ll see how it pans out long-term.