Jim Boeheim Says He Went Too Far After Call At Duke

Boeheim, Luck

Some call it crazy, I call it passion… or just reallllllllyyyyy wanting to beat Duke at Cameron.

Jim Boeheim has been the topic f conversation following a game against Duke University. A late call that he felt was unfair, was called against CJ Fair, Boeheim’s reaction was priceless. Soon following he was ejected and his team was left without him to fall to Duke. After appearing on ESPN’s The Herd, Jim Boeheim, apologized for his reaction in a nail biting ending against Duke last Saturday.

“There’s no question I went too far,” Boeheim said. “In my mind, the game was over. That was really the call that got me. Would you rather not do that? Probably. But when you’re in the middle of that moment, when you’re involved in a game like that and you feel the game is gone because of this play, you lose control of your emotions.”

“It was a close play. I think you could argue either way on it, though I thought with the new rule they’ve been calling that a block and they did that against us.”

“I don’t believe in that. I think Duke wins because they’ve got a great coach and they’ve got great players.”

“He made a good point. There was a slim chance. As it turned out when they took the ball out after all the commotion, we fouled their player, which is what we would have done and the guy from Duke made two free throws. So if those technicals hadn’t happened, we would have been down four with eight seconds to go. I would say that’s a mathematical impossibility that we’re going to win.”

You have to respect any coach’s passion for his team. While he may have reacted outrageously, at least he came for it and cleared the air. His team shouldn’t have much worries, I think they will do well in the ACC Tourny… if we are lucky enough, we will see game 3 against Duke/Syracuse.