Joakim Noah Delivers A F*ck You To Each Ref After Being Ejected (Video)


Joakim Noah is one of the more emotional ball players in the NBA.

It is that emotion that has helped Noah become an All Star and a force in the middle for the Chicago Bulls.  Monday night during an ugly loss to the Sacramento Kings, Noah let that emotion hilariously get the best of him.

Noah got hit with his second technical in the third quarter, and  lost it.

The Bulls emotional center dropped a personal F-bomb on each referee before leaving the court.

So Joakim Noah picks up a 2nd tech, goes up to each ref and screams “f**k you”, and gets escorted off the floor

According to the Chicago Tribune, Noah apologized postgame for the incident.

“I shouldn’t have acted that way. I apologize, I’m sorry to all three of the referees out there. They’re trying to do their jobs. … I hope they accept my apology and I hope we can move on from this.”

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