Joe Johnson Tries To Mush Jimmy Butler During Altercation (Video)


Things are getting testy between the Chicago Bulls and the Brooklyn Nets.

From what I can see, Joe Johnson hit Bulls forward Jimmy Butler with an elbow that Butler didn’t take kindly to.

The two men had words and before being separated, Johnson tried to mush or swat at Butler.  Either way he could Butler in the face with a finger.

H/T gifdsports

2 thoughts on “Joe Johnson Tries To Mush Jimmy Butler During Altercation (Video)

  • Joe Johnson is a bitch. He’s acting like he’s bad after he put his hand on another man’s face… but only once Joakim Noah was between them and then runs away, keeping his mouth going once everyone is between the two of them. Fake tough guy!
    He’s just mad Jimmy’s D shut him down.

  • Joe Johnson pushes Jimmy in a non-basketball play.

    Jimmy Butler: Man, why you pushing me like that?
    Joe Johnson: Get the fuck out of my face (pokes eye)

    Someone is mad his team sucks.

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