Joe Philbin Arranged 2-Years Severance for Fired Trainer


Kevin O’Neill may have been fired on Wednesday from his position as head trainer for the Miami Dolphins, but don’t start feeling too bad for him just yet. According to CBS Sports, Joe Philbin fought to ensure that O’Neill would be given two years of salary as part of his severance package.

This is certainly an interesting twist in the Dolphins bullying scandal, since the Wells report specifically named O’Neill as being part of the team’s problem in not ensuring that everyone on staff was treated fairly. Clearly the Dolphins needed to point the blame somewhere and O’Neill became the official team scapegoat. However, O’Neill was named the NFL’s trainer of the year and now he’s sitting on two years of salary as a consolation prize.

8 thoughts on “Joe Philbin Arranged 2-Years Severance for Fired Trainer

  • Natasha,
    You have the wrong facts. O’Neill is not sitting on 2 yr severance pay. That was only for Philbin friend & personal hire(Turner). If O’Neill told the truth during a public investigation. That had no legal documents that would allow him to speak on players personal, mental or other health issue with out consent. He would be breaking the law. Instead he gets fired for “not” breaking the law. Interesting player arrested, domestic violence, illegal drugs, kill animals…etc….get second & third chances. But a man with no record in his file get fired for not breaking the law. Very interesting how life works. And the slander that was done to his character has cost him his lively hood. Just by doing the right & legal thing!!!

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