Johnny Manziel Thanks Russell Wilson For His Draft Stock Rising

russell wilson

Johnny Manziel thinks the same thing I have been thinking.

Russell Wilson was drafted in the 3rd round simply because teams didn’t think he had the physical skills to play quarterback in the NFL.

Seeing Wilson up close, he doesn’t look like a NFL player, he looks like an insurance salesman, but he showed that there is more to playing the position than height.

Manziel thanks him for that. Here are his quotes courtesy of

Manziel understands he owes Wilson if he goes first overall.

“I think he’s kicked the door wide open,” Manziel said of the Seahawks quarterback. “You’re seeing more guys being successful avoiding that first wave of pressure — get out and do things outside the pocket.

“Wilson does some things he’s not asked to do, when things don’t go exactly as scripted. He’s able to extend the play. One reason they were so successful early in the Super Bowl was that he was 4-of-5 on third down and was able to continue to push the ball down the field and get them where they needed to be.”

Is Manziel can learn to control his YOLOING and be efficient like Wilson, he will have a very successful career in the NFL.