Jon Jones Wants ‘Super Fight’ With Heavyweight Velasquez


Jon Jones has a pretty tough fight coming up against Glover Teixera in April but that hasn’t stopped him from looking ahead to some future opponents.

In an interview with AXS Jones talked about the possibility of a ‘Super Fight’ happening this year:

“A lot of people are starting to mention Chris Weidman’s name and I think in order for it to be a ‘super fight,’ Chris Weidman needs to get his name a little bit bigger and prove himself against some other world champions.”

Jones went on to say,

“That being said, I think Cain Velasquez would be the only guy that would be considered a ‘super fight,'”

Jones wasn’t trying to diss Weidman in any way and those comments were very true. Weidman may just be a bad match for Silva. Just because you beat the #1 fighter in the world at the time doesn’t mean you jump to #1.

Weidman must prove himself against the best in his division before he can jump up to challenge Jones.

Until then Jones has given a lot of thought to making a jump of his own. Jones has expressed interest in fighting heavy weight champion Cain Velasquez. Cain is coming off of surgery and would probably fight the #1 contender in that division when he returns, but an end of the year super fight could be in order if both fighters win out.

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  • If Dana White were smart, he would make this fight happen ASAP! Dana White has go to do whatever it takes to beat boxing!

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