Jordan Brand Sold $2.25B For Nike in 2013


It’s truly incredible that the Jordan Brand has had the staying power that it has. It was reported that he earned $80 million last year and now it’s said that his brand sold $2.25 BILLION in 2013:

The other interesting thing is how flat sales are for the others besides Kevin Durant who skyrocketed. One thing is for sure though MJ is still the king.

2 thoughts on “Jordan Brand Sold $2.25B For Nike in 2013

  • Yet YOU FOOLZ (If IT Doesn’t Apply Then Let IT Fly…) Believe Michael Jordan ONLY MADE $80 Million Though SMDH

    I Mean He’s also a MFing NBA OWNER Who also has ELITE Athletes He’s paying ovet $20 Million ANNUALLY TO SELL Jordan-Brand Merchandise!!!

  • I can’t help but think about the large number of little black boys and young black men who have been beaten up or shot becasue they were wearing Jordans.

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