Jordan Brand Sold $2.25B For Nike in 2013



It’s truly incredible that the Jordan Brand has had the staying power that it has. It was reported that he earned $80 million last year and now it’s said that his brand sold $2.25 BILLION in 2013:

The other interesting thing is how flat sales are for the others besides Kevin Durant who skyrocketed. One thing is for sure though MJ is still the king.


  1. Yet YOU FOOLZ (If IT Doesn’t Apply Then Let IT Fly…) Believe Michael Jordan ONLY MADE $80 Million Though SMDH

    I Mean He’s also a MFing NBA OWNER Who also has ELITE Athletes He’s paying ovet $20 Million ANNUALLY TO SELL Jordan-Brand Merchandise!!!

  2. I can’t help but think about the large number of little black boys and young black men who have been beaten up or shot becasue they were wearing Jordans.

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