Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Photos

Kate Upton was of course featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Check out her gallery and video below.

Also if you missed Skylar Diggins, Chrissy TeigenAnastasia Ashley, or Alex Morgan‘s pictures you can view them.

Kate Upton

If you’d like to see Ms Upton is zero gravity here it is:

42 thoughts on “Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Photos

  • Ms Upton has some nice looking breasts.

  • Take a close look at the picture. Notice Kate upton is hiding part of her stomach with her right arm. Kate Upton is starting to gain weight. The rack is perfect but the stomach needs work. Will Kate Upton still be a dime piece in ten years? I doubt it.

  • What is so “shocking” about this? It looks Good as always to me. “Critics” should grow up and Mature.

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