Kevin Durant Sues Accountant For Bad Tax Returns


Kevin Durant, Luck


Kevin Durant has been making strides in becoming the leagues #2 scorer but off the court he’s gearing up for a different battle.

According to TMZ, Durant is suing his accountant, Joel Elliot, with claims that he wrote of unnecessary business expense such as his personal chef.

In his lawsuit, Durant says, “Fees paid to a personal chef would not be regarded by a reasonably prudent accountant as qualifying for a business expense deduction.”

Durant says the personal chef deduction was just one of MANY irresponsible accounting moves by Elliott that landed KD in hot water with the IRS.

KD is said to owe the IRS $200k in mistakes that Elliot made and naturally KD wants Elliot to take care of that expense.


  1. “Kevin Durant has been making strides in becoming the leagues #2 scorer”

    im confused by the opening sentence here. Kevin has won 3 of the last 4 scoring titles, with a promising path to his 4th in 5 years. im not saying hes the leagues best player, but he is undoubtedly the leagues premier scorer.

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