Kirk Cousins Talks About Being Traded….Again


My issue isn’t with Cousins.

He is being asked questions and he is answering them pretty honestly. My issue is with all the people who get on RG3 for talking too much or speaking about his position within the Redskins. He was slammed for that, but Cousins seems to talk openly almost daily about wanting out and no one says a thing.

Why is that?

I feel it’s a win-win for me,” Cousins said. “If I were to get traded and get an opportunity to start somewhere, that’d be a great thing for me. But if I’m back with the Redskins, I enjoy it in D.C., I enjoy the fan base and the organization and I love my teammates.”

“I feel good about it,” Cousins said. “More than anything, it gave me confidence that I can play at this level, and I gained a lot of experience, and I got better. That’s all I was hoping for.”

Cousins says things in a polite way, maybe that is why he gets a pass, but this has the potential for disaster if RG3 struggles early in the season.