Knicks Still Trying to Trade for Rondo


Rajon Rondo, Carmelo Anthony

Despite the Celtics general manager Danny Ainge’s claims that Rondo isn’t available, the Knicks still believe they can get the point guard if the price is right. They are desperate to make roster improvements now rather than later to increase Carmelo Anthony’s chances of resigning according to USA Today.

Yet what they can’t do is offer the sort of draft-pick haul that Ainge covets and that could come his way from somewhere other than New York before the deadline passes. The Knicks don’t have a first-round draft pick available to be traded until 2018, and that factor alone will likely be enough to keep their Rondo dreams from coming true. Remember this, too: If Ainge is going to do something with Rondo, his colleagues tend to think he’d wait until the very last minute before the deadline to do so.

With all these rumors floating around we’ll just have to hold onto our seats and wait to see what happens.