Kordell Stewart: Too Many Beautiful Women To Have Sex With a Man

kordell stewart

For someone who says he isn’t gay, he seems to talk about not being gay a lot. Kordell has hired a celebrity matchmaker to help him find love after his divorce from reality star Porsha Stewart.

During their session he had this to say.

“Too many beautiful women in this world to be indulging in a sexual relationship with another man,”

“She don’t have to be a 10, but I for sure don’t want less than an 8,” the former Pittsburgh Steeler player replied, adding that he considers actress Gabrielle Union to be “an 8.”

“I don’t want a six…“An a– is mandatory,” he said.

“The body has to have curves. We all want to be psychologically stimulated. My loins get to moving,” he said. “For me, it’s mental for me, not necessarily always physical. But I would like to psychologically indulge.”

You can watch the whole thing below courtesy of Radar Online.

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  • Hmmmm That’s VERY Interesting becuz They’re PLENTY of Beautiful Women here in Chicago But For SOME REASON Kordell Chose not to GET WITH NONE OF THEM Though But He certainly was Sneaking Around with MEN (MmmHmm…) SMDH

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