Kyrie Irving Returns as ‘Uncle Drew’ (Video)


Kyrie Irving and his Cavaliers teammates may be stinking it up on the court, but his team at Pepsi is turning Irving into a star with his Uncle Drew campaign.

Irving returns as Uncle Drew in the latest commercial ad from Pepsi.  Uncle Drew is now in search of a big man to team up with.  Uncle Drew traveled to New Orleans in the spot, so we can guess that Anthony Davis maybe likes Pepsi Max as well.


One thought on “Kyrie Irving Returns as ‘Uncle Drew’ (Video)

  • Like other multi billion dollar corporations, Nike has built their empire from sweatshop slavery. Unfortunately as a black man, I have contributed to that empire. I still have to give Nike their props. They make the best shoes and have the best commercials. Adidas and Under Armour can’t compete.

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