Lamar Odom’s Name Being Used as Code Word For Crack

Lamar Odom stops at Blockbuster to pick up DVDs before heading back home in his limo

Not really surprising, people on Twitter have used the phrase “Smoking on That Odom” for months now, but a Rick Ross prodigy is now coming out with an official song called “Lamar Odom”.

Here is what Slab had to say.

Slab tells TMZ Sports straight up … “Lamar Odom is now the street word for that illegal white substance.”

Clearly, the lyrics were inspired by Lamar’s substance abuse issues — particularly, his issues with crack.

As for Rick Ross’ role on the song — Slab says, “Rick inspired me and guided me through the making of my album. Lamar Odom is my first single and we’re going to shoot a video for it.”

Here is the song, it isn’t horrible, but the lyrics are NSFW.

One thought on “Lamar Odom’s Name Being Used as Code Word For Crack

  • Why didn’t he use Rob Ford’s name? Why didn’t he use Charlie Sheen’s name? Why didn’t he use Robert Downey Jr.’s name?

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