LeBron Gets Hit in the Nose, Bleeds All Over the Floor (Video)

LeBron Bleeds

The good news is that it doesn’t appear anything else is hurt on him besides his nose.

Hopefully, it isn’t a broken nose, but he was bleeding pretty badly on the court, after being hit in the face by Ibaka.

It is amazing he was actually able to finish the dunk.

According to Coach Spo, his nose is just swollen, but they will be evaluating him more when they get back to Miami.

3 thoughts on “LeBron Gets Hit in the Nose, Bleeds All Over the Floor (Video)

  • All that video shows is how pathetic and terrible NBA basketball is!!! Lebron TOTALLY TRAVELS on that move to the basket but it is NEVER CALLED in the NBA!!! 4-5 steps is acceptable and it is TERRIBLE!!! NBA bball is the WORST sport in America!!!

    • He is dribbling all along. Takes two steps and shoots. Hater! Watch carefully.

  • Pam, don’t be such a hater… it was no traveling… Do you mind noticing that nobody called a foul out of at least 10 times he was fouled by OKC players. Did you count how many times KD was given fake fouls. He got a lot of help yesterday. Still he couldn’t outperform the best.

    Plus, he wasn’t traveling. Get your facts and bball rules straight, hater!

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