Let’s Go REESE’S is Back for March Madness

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When you think about March Madness the first thing you think about are the fans. REESE’s is putting the spotlight back on the fans and mascot as we gear up for March Madness.

REESE is hanging out with The Duke Blue Devil mascot to get fashion advice and catching up with Dean, Vice Provost and pep band member Stephen Nowicki or what it really means to be a part of the Cameron Crazies.

Ever wonder what happens when you combine a green spandex swimsuit and Moose antlers with an energetic super fan? I know I have let every single day of my life. REESE’S heads to the O Dome to find out.

We can’t forget about the cheerleaders. REESE’S drops by to see how the game is won, pom-pom style with the UK Cheerleaders.

This is all for you the fan, so let’s all scream Let’s Go REESE’S!!!!!