Lolo Jones Almost Crashes Bobsled After Forgetting to Use The Brakes (Video)

Lolo Jones Bobsled

Lolo Jones has two jobs on the bobsled team.

To push to get them off to a good start and to brake to make sure they don’t crash at the finish. She forgot to do one of those things and her teammate had to frantically get her attention, before they both crashed.

Lolo Jones Forgets to Hit the Brakes

Lolo and teammate Jazmine Fenlator were the only US Duo Women’s bobsled team not to medal (they finished 11th). But, Lolo should be use to not medaling in the Olympics.

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4 thoughts on “Lolo Jones Almost Crashes Bobsled After Forgetting to Use The Brakes (Video)

  • Imagine all of the qualified female bobsledders who worked so hard to try to make the Olympics, only to be pushed aside for the attention whoring Lolo Jones. I don’t know if they’re laughing or frowning at this embarrassing incident.

    • I know that one of the favorite things to do in sports is to dump on Lolo, but she earned her way onto the bobsled team. It was not like she did not put in the work and it was not like she was worse than the ladies who got left off the team. Those ladies that got left off the team have to do better. They knew what they were up against.

    • its usa 3. how many threes win anything.

  • Lolo Jones has said and done so many stupid things she should change her name to Lulu. Why does anyone care what she says or does?

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