Luol Deng Calls Cavs a Mess, Misses the Bulls

luol deng

Sometimes you get forced into a bad situation. Luol Deng got forced into a terrible one with the Cavs and he seems to be upset about it according to The New York Daily News:

As Deng recently told one close friend, “the stuff going on in practice would never be tolerated by the coaching staff or the front office back in Chicago. It’s a mess.”

As of right now, I wouldn’t get my hopes up about Deng resigning with Cleveland. Its starting to sound like they need to shake things up.

One thought on “Luol Deng Calls Cavs a Mess, Misses the Bulls

  • I feel for Mike Brown, he made the Finals and Conference Finals, was Coach of The Year and coached the back to back MVP.
    Brother has been fired twice and a third is likely.

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