Mario Balotelli Crying on Bench After Racist Chants in Italy (Video)

Mario B


The sickening behavior of some Italian soccer fans continued today and ended in one of their own, Mario Balotelli, breaking down in tears.

Balotelli is for whatever twisted reason, a constant target for racist abuse from Italian soccer fans and usually he reacts defiantly but not today.

The Italian forward’s AC Milan was facing Napoli in a Serie A game on Saturday, when he was substituted and later seen sobbing on the bench. Initial reports suggested he was crying because he was subbed off but later reports said that wasn’t the case.

Here’s footage of Balotelli crying on the bench:

This issue has long been a stain on European soccer and the powers to be at FIFA and UEFA have failed to deal with it sufficiently. The weak fines and suspensions have yet to slow down these ignorant supporters, it’s far past time for stronger action from the governing body of the game (I’m looking at you Sepp Blatter).

No one deserves this.

3 thoughts on “Mario Balotelli Crying on Bench After Racist Chants in Italy (Video)

  • Racism is not why he was crying.

  • There are many reports saying there was no racist chants. Seems twitter said there was racist chants and everyone took it as a fact when it was just a rumor.

  • As a sports website that should rely on “valid” information, this writer who posted this story should be suspended for this. Horrible job and unprofessional.

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