Mayweather Leaning Toward Maidana; Barclay’s Center in the Mix


There is still no official word on who Mayweather will be fighting on May 3rd, but while it seemed liked Amir Khan was a lock a few months ago, Marcos Maidana has become the favorite to secure the fight.

What maybe even more interesting than Mayweather possibly choosing Maidana is the possibility the fight doesn’t happen at the MGM in Las Vegas.

Dan Rafael of ESPN stated several time during his boxing chat that Floyd has real interest and desire in fighting at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.

Mayweather Barclay

The one issue everyone brings up when locations besides Vegas are mentioned is the tax issue. Mayweather and those involved in the promotion would be subject to hefty New York taxes (just look at your hotel bill if you ever stay there). But, I assume there are ways around that if they are truly interested in going to Brooklyn.

Stay tuned.