Miami PD Brags About Arresting LeBron’s Stepfather for DUI


Eddie Gene Jackson the “Stepfather” of LeBron James was arrested for DUI in Miami Beach early Wednesday according to Miami Police. Here are the details from the police report that the Miami Beach PD tweeted out:

According to the report, an officer of routine patrol spotted Jackson’s white Mercedes convertible traveling at a fast pace and breaking hard to stop at the intersection of Washington Avenue and 20th Street.

The car ended up in the crosswalk and right lane of Washington Avenue and the officer had to stop to avoid a potential collision, the report said.

Jackson handed the officer a Fraternal Order of Police card and a badge, which was from a “friend,” the report said. He also said he was coming from a club at 20th Street and Collins Avenue where he worked, the report said.

So it sounds like to me that one of Gloria’s exs is just out here living a little hard. This isn’t Da Real Lambo though but a man that was a “father figure” to LeBron back in the day.

Here is the police affidavit: