Michael Jordan Recruiting Letters Sold For Over $114K (Photos)

Michael Jordan's Diploma

Four Michael Jordan memorabilia were sold at an auction Saturday morning. Jordan’s diploma, two recruiting letters and a game-used Dream Team uniform sold for more than $114,000.

Three items related to Jordan’s North Carolina career — a diploma and two recruiting letters — sold for more than $50,000 combined, while a game-used Dream Team uniform drew a $32,682 winning bid.

The letter from Guthridge to Jordan sold for $4,732, while the letter from Smith went for $27,009.

Earlier, Jordan’s mother Deloris said the letters were not authentic because she had all of her son’s recruiting letters. But, according to Goldin Auctions, multiple letters from experts stated that the authenticity of the letters was valid and the handwriting is from Bill Guthridge and head coach Dean Smith.


Michael Jordans Recruiting Letter