Michael Sam’s Dad Doesn’t Want Grandkids Raised in Gay Environment


When Michael Sam came out the other day and announced that he was going to be the first openly gay NFL player, we assumed there would be backlash. It sounds like the one of the struggles he will have now if dealing with his own father. This is from a New York Times piece on the whole situation:

Last Tuesday, Michael Sam Sr. was at a Denny’s near his home outside Dallas to celebrate his birthday when his son sent him a text message.

Dad, I’m gay, he wrote.

The party stopped cold. “I couldn’t eat no more, so I went to Applebee’s to have drinks,” Sam Sr. said. “I don’t want my grandkids raised in that kind of environment.

“I’m old-school,” he added. “I’m a man and a woman type of guy.” As evidence, he pointed out that he had taken an older son to Mexico to lose his virginity.

On Sunday night, just after Michael Sam announced his intention to make sports history, his father was still struggling with the news.

I’m not here to judge how Sam told his dad he was gay but a text is a little cold. Maybe he told him via text though because he knew this reaction was coming.

Michael Sam Sr doesn’t seem supportive to say the least.

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  • I agree wit h sam sr! It sure is strange now that when a person don’t believe in all of this gay crap that he or she is ridiculed or is out of step with society. I would sarcastically say I’m glad to know that so many men are coming out. That translates into more pussy for me.

  • Sick of the “In Your Face” Homo Obsession? Dare to tread where sheeple won’t go:

    Michael Sam Homo Psy-Op:

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