NBA Scout: I’d Take 40 Other PG’s Over Rajon Rondo

kg-rondo-lil-bro is doing it’s annual look at the most overrated/underrated players in the league, and one anonymous scout took time to hammer Boston Celtics star point guard Rajon Rondo.

Rondo who was named one of the NBA’s overrated players along with a host of others, got ripped by an Eastern Conference scout who said he’d take 40 other point guards before Rondo.

Eastern conference scout: “Three years ago, I was the only scout saying Rondo is overrated, and I was crucified for it. I was saying he was awful. I think he’s a selfish player. He’s only going to pass it to you if he thinks he can get an assist. I’ve seen him come out for pregame warmups with his shoes untied shooting lefty foul shots. For him to come out for a game with that attitude makes me question his work ethic. I’ve never liked his game.

“If you play with Kevin GarnettPaul Pierce and Ray Allen at close to their peak, they’re going to raise everyone’s game. Defensively, Rondo’s a bit of a gambler, and I don’t think his defense is all that. If I was starting a team and had my choice of any point guard, he would be 40th. I mean it. I’d take some backups before him.”

This poor scout is either trolling or shouldn’t have a job.

Yes Rondo is mercurial at times.

But to say you’d take every other point guard in the league and two other backups over Rondo is absurd and calls for a drug test.

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  • Raymond Felton even?

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