NCAA Proposes Rule to Penalize Hurry Up Offenses

Marcus Mariota

The NCAA rules committee already proposed my personal favorite rule change earlier of taking away the 15 yard penalty if a targeting ejection is overturned. Of course the good feelings couldn’t last long. They are also proposing a 10 second period after a play so defenses can substitute players:

The NCAA Football Rules Committee has recommended a rules change barring offenses from snapping the ball until the play clock reaches 29 seconds or less in order to give defenses time to substitute within the first 10 seconds of the 40-second play clock. The only exception: the final two minutes of each half.

The rule, if approved by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel, would allow defenses to substitute on any play. The panel is scheduled to meet March 6.

Offenses violating the rule will be penalized five yards on a delay-of-game penalty, according to the proposal announced Wednesday.

The rules committee claims it will increase player safety but there is little evidence suggesting that less plays will make things safer. Understandably, coaches are not happy about this. Especially any coach that plays offense with high tempo. Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze had my favorite response so far:

“‘I said ‘Y’all are kidding me,” Freeze told the Associated Press. “That’s not true?’

I doubt this will actually pass but this is causing quite the uproar.