New NBA Commish Wants to Raise The Age Limit

Adam Silver

The topic of one and done players in College Basketball has been an interesting topic. Clearly there are many players who only want to fulfill the bare minimum requirement of being in school for a year before they jump to the NBA. For those who dislike that, they will be happy to know that new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver reportedly has made raising the age limit a top priority:

I personally see this as a bad move. I would much rather have them go back to allowing players to jump from High School to the NBA. If players feel they are ready, don’t force college on them. I don’t think it’s the NBA’s job to help colleges keep their talent.

This will be interesting to see unfold as the new Commissioner gets his feet wet.

9 thoughts on “New NBA Commish Wants to Raise The Age Limit

  • It’s not about forcing college. Basketball doesn’t last forever & what will they have to fall back on. It’s so easy at a young age to get caught up in the hype. College allows maturity & also a back up plan. Just like you can’t go into pro football out of high school or after one year I don’t feel nba should be any different. There is just as much at stake.

  • The NBA should make the requirement 2 years of college ball or 1 year of NBA D-League.

    The D-League will become better because more players will go that route and they will get paid.

  • I agree with Rashaad. Their not forced to go to college. They can go to the D league and just focus on stuff related to the business of professional sports.

  • Let’s be honest. The NBA is most enjoyable and profitable when it can showcase competitive teams filled with experienced, capable, and talented players. In recent years, the quality of the NBA product has been hurt by the influx of talented players who are still far from being physically, mentally, and emotionally mature. These players land on very bad teams which rarely have the veteran leadership that can show these players how to be solid pros. As a result, these players learn bad habits and don’t progress fundamentally, preventing them from reaching their potential and possibly becoming busts. Compare the draft classes from the last 3 decades and it is clear as day that more and more lottery picks are becoming busts. Coincidentally, there are more and more terrible teams in the NBA which thus makes the NBA product less and less desirable. I love the NBA, but this change is a must to provide it a great future. I think that this move will be nothing but positive. If the young men don’t want to empower themselves with education by staying in college for a longer time, there are several basketball alternatives available before they declare for the NBA. The NFL has clearly shown that having an age limits is effective. It would also be nice if Greg put a little more thought and added more substance to his stance.

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