NFL Exec Says Michael Vick Best Available Free Agent QB


Michael Vick knew what he was doing when he calmly and confidently let Nick Foles have his job without a peep of complaint or resentment.

Yes Foles played lights out, but Vick could have created a firestorm by simply raising a fuss over losing his job to Foles because of injury.

According to Birds 24/7 via Judy Battista of asked an NFL executive about Vick’s prospects as a starter going into free agency.

Michael Vick’s going to be fine according to NFL types.

Vick wants to be a starter, and because of how he handled his final season in Philadelphia — when he was playing out his contract, when he lost his starting job — his time on the bench probably won’t hurt him in that pursuit. One NFL personnel executive said teams undoubtedly will rate Vick the best of a middling quarterback free-agent market — one likely to include Matt SchaubMatt Cassel and Mark Sanchez — and the exec said he would rate him as a mid-tier starting quarterback, somewhere between 13 and 16. In a league with 32 teams, that’s better than half.

“There are too many teams that are in need of an upgrade for him not to be looked at as a starter,” the personnel executive said. “I could see a team signing him, and developing a young guy. Vick could be a very good bridge starter for two to three years.”


2 thoughts on “NFL Exec Says Michael Vick Best Available Free Agent QB

  • Michael Vick’s time is up. If I was a NFL GM, I would not sign him. I would rather take my chances with Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater or any other QB in the draft.

  • Thats if your drafting in the top 10, other than that Vick is a good “bridge starter” while someone younger gets developed, besides stop hating besides your NOT a GM so please get off the pedestial and sit down.

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