NFL Exec Says Michael Vick Best Available Free Agent QB



Michael Vick knew what he was doing when he calmly and confidently let Nick Foles have his job without a peep of complaint or resentment.

Yes Foles played lights out, but Vick could have created a firestorm by simply raising a fuss over losing his job to Foles because of injury.

According to Birds 24/7 via Judy Battista of asked an NFL executive about Vick’s prospects as a starter going into free agency.

Michael Vick’s going to be fine according to NFL types.

Vick wants to be a starter, and because of how he handled his final season in Philadelphia — when he was playing out his contract, when he lost his starting job — his time on the bench probably won’t hurt him in that pursuit. One NFL personnel executive said teams undoubtedly will rate Vick the best of a middling quarterback free-agent market — one likely to include Matt SchaubMatt Cassel and Mark Sanchez — and the exec said he would rate him as a mid-tier starting quarterback, somewhere between 13 and 16. In a league with 32 teams, that’s better than half.

“There are too many teams that are in need of an upgrade for him not to be looked at as a starter,” the personnel executive said. “I could see a team signing him, and developing a young guy. Vick could be a very good bridge starter for two to three years.”



  1. Michael Vick’s time is up. If I was a NFL GM, I would not sign him. I would rather take my chances with Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater or any other QB in the draft.

  2. Thats if your drafting in the top 10, other than that Vick is a good “bridge starter” while someone younger gets developed, besides stop hating besides your NOT a GM so please get off the pedestial and sit down.

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