Nick Saban To Be Subpoenaed In Mercedes Dealership Lawsuit


Nick Saban will be subpoenaed as part of a lawsuit to stop a Mercedes-Benz dealership from opening. Attorneys for Hoover’s Crown Automobiles today filed paperwork today with the intent to subpoena Saban in relation to an Irondale, AL dealership opening. From

The filing requests all correspondence from Saban referring to the possibility of the coach “participating in the ownership and operation of a Mercedes dealership, including but not limited to a dealership in the Birmingham, Alabama area.”

Saban is also asked to turn over financial projections for a new dealership in the Birmingham area and documents that “reflect your duties or responsibilities to the new dealer Mercedes dealership in Irondale,” the filing states.

Today’s filing comes after Crown Automobile sued MBUSA in December stating the Hoover dealership “has suffered, and will continue to suffer, immediate and irreparable harm as a result of MBUSA’s decision to add an additional Mercedes dealer in Crown Automobile’s market area.”

So it sounds like Saban is involved in ownership of a  dealership that Hoover’s Crown Automobiles doesn’t want to ever open because they think they will lose business if Saban’s Benz dealership opens up.

As more information comes available, we will keep you posted.

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  • Saban is a f*cken crook anyway! I’m not the least bit surprised by this move.

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