5 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Looking Quite Lovely Scantily Clad (Photos)

  • Omg yay!!! I can see her face! What a pretty girl. Is that all of her hair? Someone said her real hair is long, if so then she better take them wigs off and flaunt it.

  • Pretty, yes.
    Body parts by Doc Hollywood.
    Hair by Koreans.

    • Some of the women posted here have boob jobs, fake blonde hair, or extensions (white or black). That’s her real hair, all of hers in the pics in the white T-Shirt. She added a few extensions in the photoshoot like all celebrities do for dramatic looks. But her real hair is long. Black girls grow long hair, whether people believe it or not. Nicki is Trini, they have a lot of Indian ancestry.

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