Nnamdi Asomugha Chose Super Bowl Over Kerry Washington’s Bday


Since Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha decided to tie the knot in a very private Idaho wedding, many people have questioned the validity of their marriage. Nevermind that Washington is now very pregnant and due to give birth at any time with the couple’s first child. The rumors continue to swirl with full force. According to Terez Owens, there are going to be more questions than answers after this past Super Bowl weekend.

Friday was Washington’s birthday, but instead of spending it with his very pregnant wife, Asomugha chose to party it up at the Super Bowl festivities in NYC. Some people could look at this as a harmless weekend of fun before the responsibilities of parenting kick in for Asomugha, but then again others might wonder if there is ever a party more important than your very pregnant wife and her birthday.

10 thoughts on “Nnamdi Asomugha Chose Super Bowl Over Kerry Washington’s Bday

  • Not true kerry was spotted in NYC this weekend

  • NO. She was in LA. Look at her tweets, she said it herself!

  • Kerry tweeted She was working on Set

    • That would mean she was in LA. hun.

  • Who cares??? People will make up anything just to prove that she is having an affair with her co-star! I wonder if people dedicate this much time to their own personal lives. Probably not since all of the people who think she is dating her co-star sound like a bunch of BITTER BITCHES. Get a life and get out of this woman’s business.

    • Apparently you do GAF of else you would not have posted.

      • *or* else

      • You must be one of those same bitter bitches. I bet you all planted this story just like you do on the Terez Owens site. A bunch of stupid ass women with half a brain who probably don’t watch sports. I am sick of this marriage taking up all of the sports blogs. No one cares if they are married or where he spent her birthday. You don’t know if they celebrated before he went to New York. Do you live with them? No. Are you and her bffs? No. You don’t know shit. You probably want her co-star but you can’t have him.

        • WOAH! Easy there, Tex.

          I merely clicked on to this article and was simply wondering why post to an article of which you obviously have no interest. Honestly. That is all.

          Why this is on a sports site is a wonder to me as well.

          But to address your other ‘issue’ with me – yes, I am a huge sports fan, FYI.

  • You shouldn’t read too much into their relationship based on where he was on her birthday. Keep in mind that not everyone celebrates birthdays in the same fashion. I personally would encourage my man to go to the Super Bowl and have a good time — even if it conflicts with my birthday. He can celebrate my birthday with me on another day this year. He can’t enjoy Super Bowl celebrations on another day this year.

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