Norv Turner: Vikings Will Add A Young QB


I’m not sure how many quarterbacks on the current roster will return to the Vikings, but they should expect some new, young company.

New offensive coordinator Norv Turner met with the media on Thursday, and made it clear that the team would try to add a young quarterback to the club via the draft.

Turner didn’t specifically say which pick the Vikings would use on the player, but he brought up Russell Wilson, and the value you can get in later rounds.

“Quarterbacks come from a lot of different spots,” Turner said. “A third-rounder wins theSuper Bowl and there’s some pretty good players who weren’t drafted high. I think everybody is in agreement: We’re trying to add a young quarterback to the organization. So, you just gotta make sure it’s a good one wherever you get him.”

Turner also stated that Minnesota would focus on landing a player with a specific skill set for the Vikings.  Turner likes the long-ball, so you can expect a big arm passer.