OK St Stevie Clark Arrested for Peeing Out of Moving Car (Mugshot)


stevie clark

This is the second arrest for Oklahoma State freshman guard Stevie Clark this season. On January 1st Clark was arrested for marijuana possession, this time he was arrested for outraging public decency by peeing out of a moving car.

He was also suspended earlier in the season for four games for what head coach Travis Ford called “personal reasons”.

With the Big 12 tournament as well as the NCAA tournament right around the corner Oklahoma State does not need these type of distractions. With Clark averaging 5.3 points, 2.7 assists in 16.0 minutes per game he is starting to look more like a liability than an asset. I never want to see anybody get kicked off a team especially for something so silly as public urination, but with this being his third strike things aren’t looking very good for the kid.

stevie clark