Olympic Officials Give Out 100K Condoms to Athletes


Its that time again. The Olympics are ready to get started so we get to see people try to live out their dreams of a medal. The other thing that happens every Olympics is that there is a massive amount of sex being had in the Olympic Village. There is so much sex that Olympic officials have given out 100,000 condoms to the athletes:

A rep for the International Olympic Committee tells us … “The distribution of condoms in the village is part of the IOC’s involvement in the HIV and AIDS prevention.”

The 100,000 condoms will cover roughly 7,650 athletes who are competing (and banging each other) over a 16-day span.

Remember that Ronda Rousey described the Olympic Village as “pure debauchery.” Also there was that table tennis player that said he got it in more during the Olympics than he got in his whole life.

This could be the one perk of going to Sochi since the food and water is awful looking.