Oregon Asst Coach Says ASU Fans Spit on Him & Players

ASU Fans

Fans are out of control.

I don’t know if they feel empowered by social media, alcohol or knowing they have the protection of being in the stands, but whatever the reason incidents like with Marcus Smart and this one have to come to an end.  Here is what the assistant coach Brian Fish had to say to The Oregonian.

Oregon basketball staff members declined to press charges against an Arizona State student who spit on both assistant coach Brian Fish and athletic trainer Clay Jamieson after Oregon’s 74-72 loss to Arizona State on Saturday at Wells Fargo Arena.

Minutes after the incident, the Ducks were followed to their locker room by two university police officers investigating the spitting, which officers told UO staff members was witnessed by at least two people.

“Say what you want to us but don’t spit on us,” Fish said.

In the interview, Fish clarified that the students were aiming after the game at Joseph Young, who scored 29 points in the second half for Oregon as the Ducks mounted a comeback from a 20-point halftime deficit.

Spitting on someone is such a cowardly and vile act that the students shouldn’t just be banned from games, but suspended from school.

These type of incidents are happening way too often and eventually someone is going to get hurt.

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  • Arizona State fans are some of the worse in the country. They spit on you at their football games to. Just FYI.

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