Ex-NFL Patrick Crayton Says Michael Sam Should Stay in the Closet


Michael Sam will undoubtedly have his long line of supporters who advocate for his right to enter the NFL as a proud gay man instead of spending years in the closet.

Sam has to also understand that he’ll also have millions of detractors, some who’ll be on the same team as he is.

Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Patrick Crayton was one of many to voice their opinion about Sam via social media.  Crayton took to Twitter to rip the All American Sam for feeling the need to come out to all of America, and said Sam needs to keep his sexual preference to himself.



Crayton wasn’t finished there.  He stated that being gay was a choice. 


He tried to use several different examples for why Sam’s case is no different than any one elses, and didn’t need to be celebrated. Crayton said “I don’t walk around telling everyone I’m straight.”

“A lot of people are mad because I said there goes the NFL,” he wrote. “I say that because now this young man is (going) to get all the wrong attention for his sexual choice and a lot of players and execs will get asked about playing with a gay guy and they are going to have to lie about how they really feel.

“This young man will come in with notoriety for announcing his sexual choice more then his ability to play the game he loves!!! This will be a major thing in football for yrs to come. So for all u guys cussing at me and calling me a bigot, a–hole or whatever, know where (expletive) I’m coming from before u do what u hate others to do when a situation like this is announced!!”

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One thought on “Ex-NFL Patrick Crayton Says Michael Sam Should Stay in the Closet

  • I’m ONE OF THE FEW who knwe exactly where Patrick was Coming From Though (Yuppp…) And He’s ON-POINT about Everything He’s stated Too!!!!!

    Now as far as the “Staying in THE CLOSET” part… As long as He’s HONEST WITH THOSE THAT Truly Matter in His Life then that’s ALL That’s Required IMO

    THIS I’m Loud-n-Proud MOMENT and ATTENTION is Purely and Solely GAY-AGENDA Driven and Equating Gay-Rights to The BLACK Civil-Rights STRUGGLE is Beyond Pathetic To Me becuz BLACK FOLKS ARE STILL being denied Employment/Jobs becuz of RACISM along with being HARASSED for “Driving WHILE BEING BLACK” from Police-Officers…

    GAY PEOPLE aren’t getting such treatment within society and GAY PEOPLE are a HUGH PART of The Entertainment Industry (Hell GAY PEOPLE practically DOMINATE THAT INDUSTRY…) NAME MED an Industry that is RAN BY Black People and Please don’t mention the Rap/Hip-Pop industry becuz PALE-FACE JEWS Run/Operate those Record-Labels as well as the URBAN TV-Staions that cater to THAT INDUSTRY (MFing REAL…)

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